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MIP6N60E ON  TO-220  08+    2563 
    Haodexin Electronic Co Limited
  • Contact:Cathy Lu
  • Tel:00852-30592291
  • Fax:00852-30592292
  • Email: sales8@haodexin.com

MIP6N60E ON  TO-220  08+    2563 
  • Contact:Joe Choi
  • Tel:86-852-30522530
  • Fax:86-852-30522540
  • Email: Joe@ariat.hk

MIP6N60E ON  TO-220  08/09+    10000 

MIP6N60E ON  TO-220  08/09+    10000 
    Great Wall Trading (Hongkong) ..
  • Contact:joyce
  • Tel:86-755-25327567
  • Fax:
  • Email: sales06@gw-ic.com

MIP6N60E Datasheet

DescrIptIon Symbols Ratlngs Unlts CondItIons
Draln-source voltage Draln-gate voltage ContInuous drain current Pulsed drain current Gate-source voltage Max. power dlssipation OperatIng and storage temperature range DIN humidity category IEC climatic category VDS VoeR IDpuls Ves PD 7i Tstg 400 400 12,5 50 +20 125 -55... +150 c 55/150/56 V V A A V W oC Ras = 20 kQ Tc = 30 0C Tc - 25 0C Tc - 25 0C DIN 40040 DIN IEC 68-1

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Parameter Symbol Conditions Ratings Unit
Recammended supply voltage vcc 5O v
Operating voltage range Vccop 4.0 t0 5.5 v

True 16-Bit Performance over Industrial Temperature Range DNL and INL: 1LSB Max On-Chip 4-Quadrant Resi:;tors Allow Precise Ov t0 10V, OV to -10V or +10V Outputs 2 Settling Time t0 0.0015% (with LT~1468) Asynchronous Clear Pin Resets to Zero Scale or Midscale Glitch Impulse: 1.5nV-:; 24-Lead SSOP Package Low Power Consumption: 10~W Typ Power-On Reset to Zero Scale or Midscale 2-Byte Parallel Digital Interface
s Features q High-speed switching q High collector to base voltage VCBO q Wide area of safe operation (ASO) q Satisfactory linearity of foward current transfer ratio hFE