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MC4063A Datasheet

jj j VGS: = VDS, ID = .250ccA

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Collector Cut-off Current ICBO VCB=40V,IE=O 100 nA
Emitter Cut-off Current lEB0 VEB=5V,IC=O 100 nA
Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage V (BR) CEO IC = 10mA, IB = O 40 V
DC Current Gain hFE (1) (Note) VCE = 2V, IC = 0.5A 80 240
hFE (2) vCE = 2V, IC = 2.5A 25
Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage VCE (sat) IC = 2A, IB = 0.2A O8 V
Base-Emitter Voltage VBE vCE = 2V, IC = 0.5A 1O V
Transition Frequency fT VCE = 2V, IC = 0.5A 100 MHz
Collector Output Capacitance Cob VCB =10V, IE = O, f= 1MHz 35 pF

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2SA1 10 f-] lMHz

Alert Response Address The MIC74 also responds to the ARA (Alert Response Address).The ARAis used bythe master (host) to request the address of a slavethat has provided an interrupt tothe master via the /ALERT line. The ARAis a single address (0001 100) common to all slaves and is described in more detail under "Interrupt Generation" with related information under "/ALERT." Also see Figure 7. Pn, ISHDN, and IFSO-IFS2 POthrough P7 are general-purposeinput/output bits. Each bit is independently programmable as an input or an output. If programmed as an output, each bit is further programmable as either a complementary push-pull or open-drain output. If properly enabled, any Pn programmed as an input will generate an interrupt to the host using the /ALERT output when the input changes state. In this way, the MIC74 can